1:1 Corrective Exercise and Fitness Training

Professional and Personalized Exercise Instruction for Your BODY and Your GOALS!  Our goal is to make sure every client is taught to execute each exercise correctly. 


Manual Therapy

There are many types of bodywork that can be of benefit. What I specialize in are therapies that address the root causes of your musculoskeletal pains. Types of therapy that include Myofascial Realease, CarnioSacral Therapy, and Osteo Articular (Liquid) Joint Pumping. 


Small Group Exercise Classes

Improve yourself even more within a group setting. Classes designed for: Wellness/Sport/and Fitness Conditioning,  Myofascial Stretching, and Joint/Spinal Health!


Home Program Design

Results are not solely created in the gym! I give every client a Customized Home Program to keep them plugged in to your goals. 


Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

The word Diet alone stresses people out. My goal is to teach clients Nutritional Concepts and Strategies that REALLY WORK for their life. Many times, simple LIFESTYLE CHANGES make all the difference in the world.